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A smarter rostering platform for freelancer management


Hive 25 is an online platform that brings together freelancers and companies looking to locate talent quickly and intelligently. Our smart roster enables companies to locate available talent whilst allowing freelancers to increase their ability to secure new projects.

Hive 25 - A smarter rostering platform

Managing, booking and being part of a freelance workforce doesn’t need to be a nightmare. By using a smarter rostering platform to bring together hiring companies, freelancers and agencies Hive 25 solves a number of the headaches associated with engaging a freelance workforce. Our aim is to eliminate the reliance on ‘dumb;’ spreadsheets, outdated and inaccurate information and ensure each user can remove repetitive administration duties


Be informed

  • Live roster updates built on real-time information.
  • Spot staffing shortages ahead of time.
  • Answer your staffing needs quickly and accurately.
  • Make informed decisions based on easily available data.
  • Real-time metrics – track spend, past, present and future.


  • Issue invites to bookings within 3 clicks.
  • Reach entire teams of freelancers with 3 click bulk inviting.
  • Search for valuable skills and experience to build your freelance network.
  • Built in Google Cloud, as the roster grows performance is always maintained.
  • Customise logic within Hive 25 to remove reliance on local knowledge around freelancer ability.

“Gone are the days of chasing unavailable people, Hive has quickly become integral to our operation”